Friday, October 30, 2009

Everything is perfect in their imperfections...

When it flows from the fingers 
And turns to stone 
It shatters with the touch 
Feel the air, breathe it in 
Turn the corner, take the bend 
Give or take the bend 
It's a spiralling cork-screw path towards you 
It's a sinking, twisted path from me to you 

For a second I saw you so clearly (clearly) 
For a moment I knew you so dearly (dearly) 
I looked into your eyes and into your mind 
You were laughing like a statue come to life 

The subtle piano raindrops 
The creaking of the buildings and their cellos 
The wind was our violin 
The sky was a symphonic mural of stars 
Hiding behind perfectly placed clouds 
Because everything is the way it is 
And everything is perfect in their imperfections 
And everything is placed the best 
And it is now, and it is here 
And tomorrow is another now 
Waiting to happen 

The roar of an action silences all the words 
The cry of an accomplishment 
Drowns the whimper of ten thousand words 
And we live in our actions and our reactions 
And we live in our actions and our reactions