Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amanda Blank = I Love You

Do yourself a favor and get this album I Love You by Amanda Blank. Amanda is a Philly rapper who has got all the goods... she is pretty, talented and a hip fucking chick.... I want to meet this girl bad. Maybe she will let us take pictures of her... Hey Amanda? when are you coming to LA?????? Please be soon. Need to try to get a photo session with her before I'm waiting in line behind Diltz, which probably has already been done. 

With production from David Sitek and many others this girl is going to have a great career. 

Pick it up Amanda Blank "I Love You" 
I can't get this out of my CD player in the car, Itunes at work, ipod when on the move, you name it this girl is playing on it. I haven't felt this strong about a RAPPER/Musician since Gang Starr's "No More Mr. Nice Guy" dropped in '89'

I think I love this lady